Erickson & Caradin 2017 Bloom & Bramble Sonoma County Chardonnay

A bottle of Erickson & Caradin 2017 Bloom & Bramble Sonoma County Chardonnay

Erickson & Caradin Bloom & Bramble is Sonoma County Chardonnay just the way you love it: crisp, dry, delicate, and refreshing, with hints of (all the high-falutin’ sommelier words inserted here). And the last of it is available at an insanely low price.

The Featured Wine of Episode 97: Pairs With Erickson & Caradin Chardonnay and The Bumble Swiping Session.

92 Points, Robert Parker

Retail Price: $64.00

Final Swirl Price: $16.00

Ok, first things first. Final What? Swirl Who? Where are the Wine Spies? What inconsistent madness is this?

Final Swirl is my new partner! I have parted ways with the Wine Spies, and unlike 31 of my 57 divorces, quite amicably. I am eternally grateful for my sponsorship with the Wine Spies, and still absolutely love what they do. If you’re a Wine Spies subscriber, ABSOLUTELY keep your subscription, because the deals and the wine are awesome. Nothing but respect.

Final Swirl is a lot like Wine Spies, but with a few interesting twists. I’ll be going into more detail about this later, but my new partnership with Final Swirl will include deals like this one along with some major…changes. Let’s just say I’m totally excited about what’s around the corner!

In The Meantime, Holy Wow, This Chardonnay

This is definitely my style of Chardonnay. Light, crisp, refreshing, with touches of vanilla and caramel across layers of delicate tropical fruit. No one here forcing sticks of butter down your throat, or yelling Napa propaganda at you while beating your head with an oak baseball bat. I’m not saying that only Sonoma County (or especially Sonoma Coast) fruit can produce this style. It’s really a matter of who’s making the wine.

Erickson & Caradin’s winemaker is Kevin Morrisey. Kevin’s winemaking career began in 1998, when he received his Master’s in Enology from UC Davis and landed a job at Stags’ Leap Winery. Over the next five years, he rose through the ranks to become the estate’s associate winemaker, then left in 2003 to serve as the winemaker and director of operations at Etude Wines. In 2005, Kevin returned to Stags’ Leap Winery to take over as winemaker and general manager. He then joined Ehlers Estate in 2009.

Morrisey handles this chardonnay with a delicate touch. It is barrel-aged: 12 months in 45% new oak, but it’s obvious from the first sip that the oak only serves to round out the mouthfeel and add those aforementioned caramel flavors. Erickson & Caradin produced 174 cases, now only 270 bottles remain. At this price, get yourself a case for the summer!

A rolling hillside vineyard in Sonoma County

And The Critics Go Nuts For Erickson & Caradin

The nose opens to pie crust, baked apples, and spice notions, while the light to medium-bodied palate echoes those flavors and has good freshness and length. 92 Points ~ Reviewer – Robert Parker Wine Advocate

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