Boatique Petite Sirah 2016, Lake County

A bottle of 2016 Boatique Winery Petite Sirah from Lake County

Most people won’t consider the Boatique Petite Sirah as a wine to sip on the porch or by the fire pit, since PS tannins can be like a vice grip on the oral cavity. Boatique Winery knows this and made their Petite accordingly. Best of all, this bottle has some age on it, so it won’t suck every ounce of moisture from your face when you sip it.

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Retail Price: $26

Your Price: $12

If I’m going to be honest (and I am at least 31% of the time), I’ve only been a moderate fan of Petite Sirah in the past. Typically, the massive tannins, which are a signature of the varietal, overwhelm the fruit. Now, if I’m sitting down for a dinner consisting of a can of lard and a spoon, Petite Sirah is the perfect pairing. But as a “let’s hang out and drink this wine” wine, PS has been near the bottom of the list.

And then I had the Boatique Petite Sirah.

Yumtastic. It’s a word, go ahead and Google it.

What I finally get from the Boatique Petite Sirah are the fruit flavors of currants, blackberry, and blueberry. Lots of spice here as well – Christmas and holiday spices. Yes, there’s still a grip here, and this wine will turn your teeth purple, but that’s just part of the fun. If you haven’t discovered Petite Sirah yet, or are still getting your feet wet with this one, you can’t go wrong with this wine. Especially at $12 a bottle.

About The Boatique Winery

Petite Sirah is the most extensively planted varietal on Boatique’s Estate property, located atop the Red Hills Appellation. And for good reason. The well-drained, volcanic-rich, red soils are perfect for this varietal. As you know, I’ve been a huge fan of the Lake County appellation for a while now. Its proximity to Howell Mountain means it shares a similar terroir, and the intensity of mountain fruit makes for some amazing wines.

All of Boatique’s Estate grapes come from mature fruit grown on gentle hillside vineyards. Boatique uses the best blocks to create their 100% Petite, while the rest is used for blending. The result is a wine that releases a broad spectrum of aromas, combining mixed black fruits like blackberry and currant with a lot of mixed spices and grilled meats. This is a big wine with plenty of body and grip. The finish seemingly goes on forever.

This brings about the question of aging. With such bold tannins and big acid, is a Petite Sirah good for aging? The answer is yes. In fact, Petite Sirahs have been shown to be some of the longest aging wines made in California. You can enjoy it right away or wait decades if you wish. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Region: Lake County
  • Appellation: Red Hills
  • Soil: Volcanic
  • Alcohol 13.8%
  • Grapes: Petite Sirah
The vineyards of Boatique Winery, with a large oak tree in the middle

The Vineyards of Boatique

Boatique Winery is located in the picturesque Red Hills Appellation at 2,266 feet above sea level. Their 47 acres of rolling vineyards are scattered between alpine and oak forests. The combination of rich volcanic soil, high elevation farming, and some of the cleanest air in California are what make the Red Hills Appellation famous for yielding grapes with thick skins and greater tannins, which in turn produce intense wines.

Winemaker Patrick Sullivan oversees these estate vineyards with sustainable farming practices optimizing each vine’s growing season in the mountainous terrain of Lake County

And yes, there are boats

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