Best Wine Podcasts 2021

As the creator of a wine podcast myself, I’m often asked for recommendations of the best wine podcasts. As often as I’m compelled to say “everyone sucks except me,” I know you can’t make it in this world alone (which is how competitive narcissists end up, apparently). Kidding aside, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting a lot of great wine podcasters. All of them are dedicated to the art, science, and mojo of this beverage we love so much. I also steal ideas from their shows, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? So, I decided to create a list of the best of the best wine podcasts, which I’ll update throughout the year.

Oh, and a little note about the categories. I’ve tried to come up with categories to make it easier to find the kind of wine podcast you like, especially as more get added to the list. That said, there’s a lot of “cross-polination” here. The entertaining wine podcasts should be educational—and vice-versa—or what’s the point? I think you’ll find all of these to be great listening, so enjoy!

Got a wine podcast you love and think it should be included on the Best Wine Podcasts 2021 list? Comment below and let me know!

Entertaining Wine Podcasts

The Pairs With Life Podcast is featured on The Best Wine Podcasts 2021
The Pairs With Life Podcast – Click here to listen & subscribe

Yeahhhh, you knew I’d put my own podcast here first and say it’s an entertaining wine podcast and toot my own horn. If ego was a Bordeaux I’d be a Grand Cru. Pairs With Life is a podcast about why we drink what we drink. I think it’s funny AF, and basically, I only do it to drink great wine and crack myself up.

The Wound Up Wino is one of the best wine podcasts 2021 featured on Pairs With Life
The Wound Up Wino – Click here to listen & subscribe

“The Wound Up Wino” was born out of pandemic boredom. Host Andi Wrede had fallen into a “box of pinot” routine. To expand her palate, she started her own podcast. I even had the pleasure of being on her show not long ago. Now co-hosted with her best friend and co-producer, Ashley, the duo dissects what actually makes wine so fascinating, and why you should give a shit. They’re funny, they’re smart, and it’s no-holds-barred, which is the way I love podcasts.

The Wine Situation is one of the best wine podcasts 2021 as featured on the Pairs With Life podcast.
The Wine Situation – click here to listen & subscribe

Judging by the retro-50s title card, you’d never know that The Wine Situation may well be the only Goth wine podcast in existence. Ellen Clifford, lifelong goth and writer for Delectable and Vinous started the show as “The Whine Podcast.” Each week, she and a friend would pair wines with their friends’ whines. This eventually evolved into the goth/wine education/awesomeness that the podcast is today. Ellen holds a Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is a certified sommelier. Moreover, she’s an actress whose motivation is to make you laugh.

Educational wine podcasts

The Wines To Find Podcast is one the best wine podcasts 2021 as featured on Pairs With Life
Wines To Find Podcast – click here to listen & subscribe

The Wines To Find Podcast proves that a wine podcast that educates doesn’t have to be dry. (See what I did there?). WTF was created after the two hosts, sisters Sandy and Michelle, traveled together to France and Italy in the spring of 2019. Both sisters are wine enthusiasts that have tracked their wine purchases, palates, and pairings for years. To document their newfound wine journey, they created the Wines To Find Podcast. WTF features two new wines each episode as they speak with guests who span the spectrum of the wine industry from winemakers, owners, growers, sommeliers, to fellow enthusiasts and more. The world is catching on to their vibe as well: they are finalists in four categories of the 2021 TASTE Awards.  

Wine Club The Podcast is one of the best wine podcasts 2021 as featured on Pairs With Life.
Wine Club The Podcast – Click here to listen & Subscribe

Like the other podcasts that have an educational bent, Wine Club The Podcast follows a compelling story. Wine Club The Podcast is hosted by long-time friends Sara Abernethy and Rachel Brody. When Sara decided to take her love of wine to the next level and started studying to be a somm, Rachel came along for the journey. Each week, they tackle a different topic to help prepare for their exam. They also feature some cool guests along the way. There’s a real chemistry between Sara and Rachel, and it’s fun to listen to.

Cork & Taylor is one of the best wine podcasts 2021 as featured on Pairs With Life
Cork & Taylor Podcast – click here to listen & Subscribe

Cork & Taylor Wine Podcast features candid conversations with the most intriguing people in the wine industry. Hosted by Luke Taylor, each week is another engaging conversation with winery owners, winemakers, celebrities and more. Taylor has an entertaining style, so he gets his guests to wonk-out in a fun way about their backgrounds, untold stories and passion for wine.

Music and Wine Podcasts

Tasting Notes the Show is one of the best wine podcasts 2021 as featured on Pairs With Life
Tasting Notes, The Show! – click here to listen & subscribe

If I knew that “Music and Wine Podcasts” could actually be a category, I would have started one myself a long time ago. Tasting Notes – The Show! is hosted and created by Musician/Songwriter/Composer Adam J. Eros and Wine Specialist/Educator/Distributor Eric Brehm. The concept started as a live show, where the duo created a wine tasting event that was uniquely paired with original music, comedy, and wine knowledge. The show was a success until Covid shut it down. So, Adam and Eric morphed the show into podcast form. The Podcast is for all wine and music lovers, amateur to pro, and Adam and Eric’s long time friendship provides plenty of banter and silly jokes. Adam writes original music for each episode’s theme that range in style from punk rock to Broadway. Meanwhile, Eric guides a tasting experience of two-to-five featured wines.

Wine Sponge With Paul Thorne – Click Here to Listen & Subscribe

Paul really describes his podcast best: Paul matches a bottle of wine to his guests. They start talking. Then the wine starts talking. He does some original songs as well. If you don’t like wine, it’s a comedy podcast. If you don’t like comedy, it’s a wine podcast.  Listen Responsibly!

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