The Wine Podcast: Pairs With Life

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Pairs With Life Podcast

The Pairs With Life Podcast is a weekly podcast on love, life, parenting, adulting, sex, relationships and all the wine that pairs with it. Hosted by John Taylor, author of the aptly-titled novel Pairs With Life, the Pairs With Life Podcast is a brutally honest, hilarious, insightful, and sometimes-inebriated conversation about why we drink what we drink.

Think of it as Wine Pairing with a Twist. Pairs with Life is a wine podcast on life – the reasons why we drink. What wine pairs with divorce? Which wine pairing is best with the chaos and anarchy of raising with kids? Is there a wine that pairs with sweeping right for the 5,000th time on Tinder because the whole thing is a face-bending fiasco? It’s that kind of wine podcast.

A Wine Podcast On Life

Yes, sometimes we completely wonk out on wine. Sometimes we discuss all the facets of winemaking and terroir and appreciation that make wine the amazing beverage it is. But for the most part, Pairs With Life is about the mystique of wine: the intangible mojo of wine. How come we’ve been drinking this stuff for 10,000 years? Because it tastes so good? Because of the buzz? Or is it because we need a bottle of wine to get by in this crazy world?

Is The Pairs With Life Podcast the same as Pairs With Life: the Novel?

In a word, no. Pairs With Life (the novel) is a fiction book. It’s the story of Corbett Thomas, a one-hit wonder of the 90s turned Napa sommelier, who finds that his last shot at redemption is to try and save an historic vineyard from the idiotic development plans of a billionaire game designer. Publisher’s Weekly calls it “Superb,” and my mom thinks it’s really cool, too. You can learn more about the book here.

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