What I’m Drinking

Want to learn a little more about what I’m drinking on the Pairs With Life Podcast? Here’s your chance to take a deep dive into the wine pairings I’m creating. This is the deep, wonky wine stuff about each wine I’m drinking. Each week, I feature a new wine available from The Wine Spies, my righteous new sponsor. The Wine Spies bring you rare, amazing wines from around the world at up to 70% off the retail price. And none of it is dick wash! Click on any of the Featured Wines below to learn more about them, then click on the Buy link to get $10 off your first purchase at the Wine Spies.

Nouveau Ridge Zinfandel, Chateau Diana, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma
Nouveau Rouge Zinfandel, Chateau Diana, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

When the good folks at The Wine Spies sent this wine for me to try, I was hesitant at first. As you probably surmised from my glowing review of the Beekeeper Zinfandel, I like my zins spicy, not syrup…

Bodegas Ejeanas 2018 ‘UN’ Night Harvest Cinco Villas Garnacha

Bodegas Ejeanas brings the boysenberry thunder with this “Night Harvest” Garnacha from the Laberne Vineyard in Aragon, Spain. Pass the tapas and then cork another bottle, because at this price, the pa…

Gravel Bed Red is featured on the Pairs With Life Wine Blog
2016 Sebastiani Gravel Bed Red, Sonoma County

There’s a reason Parker gave this 93 Points. This is not a deeply intellectual wine. It’s more like a “crush this with a cheeseburger” kind of wine. And then feel really good about it afterward.

Bacio Divino 2016 Janzen Cabernet featured on the Pairs With Life wine blog
Bacio Divino Janzen 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Cloudy’s Vineyard, Calistoga

Bacio Divino scores (literally) with another amazing Cabernet from a renown vineyard in a gorgeous appellation, made by a rock star winemaker. The fact that you can get it from The Wine Spies for 47% …

2017 Skinner Vineyards Grenache, featured on the Pairs With Life Wine Blog
2017 Skinner Vineyards Grenache, El Dorado Hills

Skinner Vineyards Grenache is one sexy wine. And not just because it has sexy vowel sounds, like “ahh” and sexy consonant sounds, like “Shh.” Or even because if you leave the K…