The New Flat Jackson Album Is Now Available

Some of you will remember my post, On The Road Again, from earlier this summer, where I wrote about going into the studio and hitting the road with my brother’s band, Flat Jackson. The resulting album, Pretty Up The Truth, is now available on iTunes, and you can download it by clicking here.

Or, to quote my brother, Steve…

After two years, 659 broken strings, 522 beers, 120 crushing defeats, 121 amazing comebacks, 7 gin and tonics and 5 broken hearts, Flat Jackson’s second album, Pretty Up the Truth, is finally out in the wild and available everywhere, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube or wherever one streams, downloads or otherwise manipulates digital contraptions to make music come out. Get your copy today, because everyone’s Truth could use a little sprucing up.

Download Pretty Up The TruthAnd Enjoy!

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