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Napa, One Week Later

How are we going to mourn this? I understand the fact that we’re talking about a $1.63 Billion With a B business, and lives are inextricably intertwined with livelihoods. But people died here. Farms grown with love and passed down through generations are lost forever. Places where people lived, laughed, fell in love, got married are now ashes.

My Conversation This Morning With My 3-Year-Old On The Way To Preschool

“Hey Daddy, what’s your favorite farm animal?” “Great question! Hmmm…I’m partial to pigs, myself.” “There are no pigs on the farm.” “Oh, OK. How about chickens?” “There are no chickens on the farm. Daddy, are there ghosts on the farm?” “Um, you mean ‘goats?’ Sure, there are goats on the farm.” “There are ghosts on …

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