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Why I Am – Errr – What I Am Drinking For Thanksgiving

2016 Yao Family Wines Napa Valley Brut Sparkling Wine. Pairs With: Seafood appetizers; caviar; assorted cheeses; the deep-seeded loathing that occurs as a result of the inevitable self-inventory you take during the holidays. Why does every party start with champagne? Because it makes everything festive and larger than life, which is great when your life is less-than-festive …

Napa, One Week Later

How are we going to mourn this? I understand the fact that we’re talking about a $1.63 Billion With a B business, and lives are inextricably intertwined with livelihoods. But people died here. Farms grown with love and passed down through generations are lost forever. Places where people lived, laughed, fell in love, got married are now ashes.

Schrodinger’s Chardonnay, Part II

I have to apologize that it has been exactly four years between Schrödinger’s Chardonnay, Part I, and this sequel. Insert many lame reasons for this fact right here. That said, it doesn’t come close to the longest gap between movie sequels, a record held by Bambi and Bambi II at sixty-three years. For those of …

Happy Birthday, Mr. Taylor! Here’s Your Gross, Old Wine.

I have a birthday this week, and I’m going to be old. Seriously, if I don’t die of old age before I’m finished writing this, I will officially be the oldest person you’ve ever known. Like, take the most ancient person on the planet, add 37 years to that, and that’s how old I’m going …

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