Pairs With The Wine Spies and The New Hamster

Pairs With Life
Pairs With The Wine Spies and The New Hamster

The Wine Spies, for some bizarrely unknown reason, decided to sponsor the podcast! So the day has finally come where I can bathe myself in free wine while a naked Anne Hathaway makes it rain with Ben Franklins (hey, it’s my fantasy). To keep my new lifestyle going, you need to go to The Wine Spies, sign up, and get emails on all the amazing deals on superb wines they offer. You’ll even get $10 off your first order if you use this link. If you want to learn more about the wine I’ll be featuring each week, check out What I’m Drinking on the Pairs with Life website. And while I wait for Anne to arrive, the kids convinced me to let them get a new hamster, and I have thoughts on this. I won’t ask Anne about it, because you don’t want to do something like that to a fantasy.

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