Pairs With Piper Sonoma Brut Rosé and Honesty At Any Cost

Pairs With Life
Pairs With Piper Sonoma Brut Rosé and Honesty At Any Cost

…aaaaand WE’RE BACK! Season 2 of The Pairs With Life Podcast kicks off with a heartfelt shoutout to our friends and co-workers in Sonoma, who’ve been living through the devastating Kincade Fire. If you’re looking to help in some way, we suggest you show your support by drinking Sonoma wine. If you’re looking for suggestions, friend of the pod Amybess Cook has made a list of 25 incredible Sonoma wines created at women-owned wineries in Sonoma. 

After a bottle of Piper Sonoma Brut Rosé, JT & Christine get all up in a recent article by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, which basically asks if honesty at all costs is really the way you should approach your relationship. Helping us out with a little insight to this question are two relationship experts, Damona Hoffman of and Mashaun D. Simon of The B4Nine Podcast.

Coming up later this week is the premiere of The OMG Wine Happy Hour, a weekly mini-podcast centered around the community Christine created with OMG I So Need A Glass Of Wine Or I’m Going To Sell My Kids. Keep listening for more information!


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