Pairs With A Trip To Clarksburg, Part 1: Clarksburg Chenin Blanc

Pairs With Life
Pairs With A Trip To Clarksburg, Part 1: Clarksburg Chenin Blanc

With existential dread creeping up on me like an internet stalker, a nice trip to wine country seemed just like the ticket to clear my head and refresh my soul. With area expert and wine influencer Maria Ramirez (@uncorked_notes) as my guide, I spent the day visiting Heringer Estates, the Clarksburg Wine Company, and Julietta Winery, sampling all kinds of amazing Clarksburg Chenin Blanc and learning all about this small but thriving AVA just south of Sacramento, CA. But no cure to existential dread comes without a few side effects: like the constant questioning of why we do what we do. And when that question turns to sexism in the world of social media influencers, it just may be that another bottle of Clarksburg Chenin Blanc will need to be uncorked.

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