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So, I’ve decided to do a thing. One of those major, life-decision things. The kind of thing you’re not supposed to take lightly or do on a whim. A Major Thing. Though it’s certainly not as major-major as getting married for the 43rd time or reversing my vasectomy or switching to decaf, it’s major enough that it deserves its own blog post. It’s time to talk about Pairs With Life: The Sequel.

Not that it’s time to talk about a Pairs With Life sequel because sooooo maaaany yeeears have passed since the release of Pairs With Life. In fact, zero years have passed since my debut novel’s release back in September of last year. The hardcover version hasn’t even been released yet. Nor has the audiobook (much to my publisher’s chagrin, as I promised delivery on that five months ago). I haven’t even received my first royalty payment yet, which means that coveted End Table from IKEA is still on hold (the Mardröm, not the Hopplöshet).

No, it’s time to talk about the Pairs With Life sequel because I need to avoid making another crappy life decision before I have no life left in which to make crappy decisions. So, without further ado…

Pairs With Life Is Going to Be A Trilogy

Not only have I decided to write a sequel, but Pairs With Life is going to be a trilogy. That’s three books, in case you skipped class and got high when they discussed trilogies in Literature class. The working titles are Pairs With An Apparent Inability To Form Adult Relationships and Pairs With The Cold Reality of Probably Dying Before Achieving Any Real Success. But those are just working titles, mind you.

This femal social media influencer wants to be in Pairs With Life
Other titles considered included “Pairs With The Great Social Media Circle Jerk.”

Self-deprecating doubts aside, the new working titles are Pairs With Love and Pairs With Hope. In all honesty, I don’t know which one will come first. It depends on exactly how I see the story unfolding. There are plot points I want to hit, character arcs I want to explore, and themes that still resonate deeply within me that I want to share. And that’s what’s really at the heart of this decision: I can’t shake this story or these characters. It’s what I always come back to. So, I think this is The Universe trying to tell me something: finish this story before you move on to something else. And so I will.

So My Exciting Career As a YA Writer Is On Hold

Because I’m committing to two more books in the series, my exciting career as a YA writer is on hold. While I was waiting for Pairs with Life to get published, I wrote a YA Fantasy novel called Tiffany & The Nightmare Hunters. Actually, I co-wrote it with the uber-talented J. Edwards Stone, author of the book Herald. My publisher even agreed to release it in October 2021. This was great and all, but I had little time to celebrate…

…because, I had the PWL audiobook to finish and the new PWL website to build. And then the Pairs With Life podcast got an actual money-paying sponsor, which meant I could devote more time to the TV adaptation of Pairs With Life I’d been working on with my buddy Michael Mayhew…

…See a pattern here?

Obviously, my heart and soul was someplace else. And once I figured that out, it meant my career as the next Susanne Collins would need to be placed on hold for a while.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins does not feature anything about Pairs with Life
Suzanne Collins’ wine podcast sucks anyway

If you Haven’t Read Pairs With Life Yet, your Life Is A Mess

Fortunately, you can clean up this particular mess for just $9.99 and a quick trip to Amazon. If you think Jeff Bezos is the Devil incarnate, try Barnes & Nobel instead.

In all seriousness, I want to thank everyone who has purchased the book, left great reviews, and continues to read my ramblings here or listen to them on the podcast. The narcissist in me could never do this in a vacuum. I hope you’ll continue to follow the story of Corbett, Shay, Remy, Sydney and Brogan, and all the adventures yet to come.

Pairs with life the book gets great reviews on Amazon.
My novel is on the left. My biography is on the right

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  1. Awww that’s so nice to name a YA book after me!!! Hahaha. Love ya and love the trilogy decision! Amd I promise I will review soon!

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