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The Pairs With Life Wine Blog is the wine-soaked confessions of me, John Taylor: serial single father and author of the novel, Pairs With life. Yes, I’m talking in first-person, finally. Because this is how I talk in the blog. So that sorta makes sense. And yes, everything in this freaking website is called Pairs With Life, because branding. What can I say? By day, I’m the Director of Marketing for a Napa-based winery, so this whore-like corporate behavior follows me wherever I go. So, speaking of which, let’s talk about Categories.

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Pairs with life book cover
Pairs With Life: The Sequel

And that’s what’s really at the heart of this decision: I can’t shake this story or these characters. It’s what I always come back to. So, I think this is The Universe trying to tell me something: fin…

2016 Altocedo Gran Riserva La Consulta Mendoza Malbec
Altocedro Malbec Gran Riserva “La Consulta”

The 2016 Altocedro Gran Riserva Malbec es muy loco, but in all the good ways. To start, Altocedro harvests from 70-year-old vines from a 107-year-old vineyard. Not unusual, especially for Mendoza malb…

Clay Shannon Cabernet Sauvignon
Clay Shannon Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2017 Clay Shannon Cabernet Sauvignon is almost equal parts Napa Valley and Lake County fruit, but is definitely100% Cabernet and 100% amazeballs. The featured wine pairing of episode 81: Pairs …

featured wine posts

Featured wine posts are the latest postings on the Pairs With Life Wine Blog. This doesn’t tell you anything about the content, only about how recent the post is. I’m trying to create two new posts every month, so regardless of whether it’s a super-wonky wine pairing post or something hopefully more entertaining, if it’s “Featured,” it’s new. New-er. New-ish. I also recommend that you sing up for my Newsletter, which you can do at the bottom of the page. It’s not really a Newsletter as much as it is a notification of new content. Plus announcements. And cool stuff. Ok, it’s totally a Newsletter. But it’s not spam.

Category: Kids Are Weird

kid frustrated with homeschooling
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

The short answer is, no, though I would certainly rank myself somewhere above our current president but just under Neanderthal. I can bullshit my way out of pretty much anything, though I don’t think …

daddy juice, a blog on pairs with life
Daddy Juice

In the early 2000’s, when my son was only five years old, we’d enjoy frequent trips to the local park, which was walking distance from my coldly expensive and loveless suburban home. At that time – le…

Pairs Wit life and the toot fairy
The Tooth Fairy, Belief Systems and Other Myths

The last note my daughter wrote asked the Tooth Fairy what she did with all the teeth she collected. I responded with a five-page short story that involved Fairy Armies, The Bone Demon and The Magical…

Wine Blog Categories

Wine Blog Categories are another thing entirely. I tried to create descriptive categories so you could sort between the wonky wine stuff and the not-wonky stuff. For the most part, the Wine Pairings category are all about What I’m Drinking on the podcast. These are wines that I’ve received from my sponsor, The Wine Spies. If you’re into knowing the brix of the grapes at the time of harvest, those are the blogs for you. If you want to know what I drink when I’m trying to keep the kids from burning the house down, try a different category.

Category: Weird Marriage

Suburban disappointment syndrome
Suburban Disappointment Syndrome

I recognize this despondency all too well. It’s Suburban Disappointment Syndrome, the utterly ironic condition where you get everything you asked for – but didn’t know it would be like this. SDS i…

10 Amazing Wine Hacks That Will Literally Change Your Life

Oh, wine. The mystique of your magical elixir has delighted us for thousands of years. You’ve inspired centuries of art, poetry, mythos, babies and hangovers. And yet, it’s only until the early 21…

Vive la Difference

A month ago, I was honored to win The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, and my award for doing so was to create the theme for this month’s challenge (#MWWC29). The theme I came up with was Winestory: …

Category: Wine and Sex

Unhappy Sex Face
Unhappy Sex Face

It wasn’t a hookup. We had been on three dates over the period of a month, and had reached that oh-so-intimate phase of texting each other during the day. When she asked if I wanted to have dinner a…

young woman hates wine
“What Wine Pairs With A Lousy Boyfriend?”

As mentioned before in these pages, I spend an abnormal amount of time in the wine aisle at my local Safeway supermarket. This is probably a good indication that I’m not only a functioning alcoholic, …

Why do men look at other women
The Wandering Eye

I was sitting at the outside bar at Farmstead in St. Helena on a gorgeous summer afternoon, when my lunch date caught me watching a woman pass by. “You are a flitterer,” she accused me. “You have a fl…

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