The OMG Wine Happy Hour

OMG I So Need A Glass Of Wine Or I'm Gonna Sell My Kids
Starting November, 2019, Pairs With Life Media is proud to present a new episode every Thursday, The OMG Wine Happy Hour. Based on the popular Facebook Page OMG I So Need A Glass Of Wine Or I'm Gonna Sell My Kids.created by Pairs With Life co-host Christine Trice, OMG will explore all facets of parenting, from the glorious little victories to the tear-jerking heartbreaks to the times you'd just pitch the little bastards out the window if you didn't have wine close at hand.


Best of all, OMG is all about the community: your stories, your insights and your experiences are what drive the conversation. Check out the OMG Facebook Page every Monday for the week's topic, comment on the post with your stories and insights, and we may use it on the podcast. Learn how other parents deal with the shit you have to deal with...and which wine takes the stress off!