Pairs With Tempranillo Rose and Gender Inequality In The Wine Business

Episode 5: March 11, 2019

Amybess Cook, founder of Women Owned Wineries of Sonoma and Imbibe Magazine's 2019 Wine Person of The Year joins us on the podcast to discuss her personal journey and observations on gender inequality in the wine business. Mad props to Passaggio Wines for hosting the podcast at their Sonoma tasting room!

Click here to learn more about the Women-Owned Wineries directory.

Pairs With Cotes du Rhone and Whoring Around After Divorce
Episode 4: March 7, 2019
Getting back to getting on your back after 20 years of monogamy; Christine Womansplains Bumble to JT; Christopher Walken makes a guest appearance...sort of.

Pairs With DICO Cabernet and Disaster-Inspired Life Choices

Episode 3: March 4, 2019

Wine Oh.tv's creator and host, Monique Soltani, discusses the stunning event that lead her to wine journalism; the quest for the perfect opening theme takes a death metal twist. 

Pairs With Cheap Wine and Dick Pics

Episode 2: February 27, 2019

John & Christine take a trip to Grocery Outlet to score cheap wine like a couple of degenerates. Four bottles in, the confessions come out...

Pairs With Champagne, Tacos and First Base

Episode 1: February 27, 2019
It's the debut episode of the Pairs With Life Podcast! Time to bust open the champagne, smash a few tacos and work through that first date awkwardness.