My Weird Conversation This Morning With My 3-Year-Old On The Way To Preschool


I know the whole “kids say the darndest things” topic is burned out. As parents, we think that every weird conversation we have with our newly-brained toddlers is either a sign of savant genius or some direct telephone line to God. I have three kids. The weird conversations fly around my house like a flock of deranged seagulls. In the end, it simply comes with the territory.

But today’s weird conversation with my 3-year-old on the way to preschool took the cake. I am…speechless.

Today’s Weird Conversation:

“Hey Daddy, what’s your favorite farm animal?”

“Great question! Hmmm…I’m partial to pigs, myself.”

“There are no pigs on the farm.”

“Oh, OK. How about chickens?”

“There are no chickens on the farm. Daddy, are there ghosts on the farm?”

“Um, you mean ‘goats?’ Sure, there are goats on the farm.”

“There are ghosts on the farm?”

“No, honey, there are goats on the farm.”

“How about goblins? Daddy, I don’t like landscaping.”


“I don’t like landscaping. I don’t like it. Guess what we’re eating tomorrow?! (sings) Junky Juuuunk Fooood!!”

“Oh, that should be yummy.”

“It’s only yummy once. Then you puke.”

The Totally Random And Astounding Things Your Three-Year-Old Daughter Says Pairs With: 

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