My Conversation This Morning With My 3-Year-Old On The Way To Preschool


“Hey Daddy, what’s your favorite farm animal?”

“Great question! Hmmm…I’m partial to pigs, myself.”

“There are no pigs on the farm.”

“Oh, OK. How about chickens?”

“There are no chickens on the farm. Daddy, are there ghosts on the farm?”

“Um, you mean ‘goats?’ Sure, there are goats on the farm.”

“There are ghosts on the farm?”

“No, honey, there are goats on the farm.”

“How about goblins? Daddy, I don’t like landscaping.”


“I don’t like landscaping. I don’t like it. Guess what we’re eating tomorrow?! (sings) Junky Juuuunk Fooood!!”

“Oh, that should be yummy.”

“It’s only yummy once. Then you puke.”

The Totally Random And Astounding Things Your Three-Year-Old Daughter Says Pairs With: The 2010AD Blanc from Carlotta Cellars in San Francisco.

The 2010AD Blanc is a blend of Roussanne, Viognier and Marsanne
Daddy like.

One of the coolest aspects of selling wine in the Bay Area is stumbling upon artisan winemakers who are out there working their day job just like me. This was the case recently when I called on Ruby Wine, a hip little wine shop in Potrero Hill. As I waited for my appointment, I perused the sales racks and discovered one of the most eclectic yet accessible collections of wines I’d ever seen. As it turns out, the shop is co-owned by David Grega and Aran Healy, two guys who met while studying for their Sommelier certification and discovered a mutual love of Rhone wines. Their labor of love is Carlotta Cellars, a small-lot facility (sometimes only 25 cases per vintage) that produces, well, random and astounding wines.

The 2010AD Blanc is a blend of Roussanne, Viognier and Marsanne, where the fruit was harvested in multiple passes over time. Certain lots underwent full Malo Lactic conversion, while others were not. In addition, the wine was blended with 10% of their reserve white wine, which had been skin fermented. The result is one of the most complex, multi-layered and fully balanced white Rhone blends I have ever encountered.

Cooler still, David and Aran have a vintage called “Orange,” which is a straight-up orange wine. This is not to be confused with the sweet wine that has been macerated with orange peel, but wine that has been 100% skin fermented, giving it not only amazingly dynamic tannins but an orange color. It sells out quick, so go pick up a bottle or get into their wine club. It just might keep the goblins off the farm.

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