Wine and Anxiety Attacks

Back to School time on the Pairs With Life Podcast

Is This Anxiety I’m Feeling or Bottle Shock?

With the summer coming to a close, it’s time to send the kids back to school, and by “send,” I mean, “keep them locked up at home and try not to get them killed.” Though that’s Job #1 for all parents (Job #2 being fully restocking the wine fridge), never before has the job felt so immediate and overwhelming. So is that why I’m feeling so anxious, or is it something else entirely?

napa fire of 2017 in Rutherford

Napa, One Week Later

How are we going to mourn this? I understand the fact that we’re talking about a $1.63 Billion With a B business, and lives are inextricably intertwined with livelihoods. But people died here. Farms grown with love and passed down through generations are lost forever. Places where people lived, laughed, fell in love, got married are now ashes.

I Love You, Napa

It is 7:32pm on Monday night, October 9th, and I am sitting on my balcony, crying. I am crying because Napa is on fire. It’s on fire, it’s out of control, people are dying, and vineyards are going up in flame. No, I don’t live… Read More »I Love You, Napa