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Catching Up With Christine

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Could this be a sign of…maturity? The insane notion that I could simply embrace the platonic awesomeness of our friendship and carry on like grown-ups should? I don’t know, because I know of absolutely zero adults who behave this way with their ex-girlfriends.

Walter Cronkite with wine

The State of The Wine Union

We’re basically returning to lockdown due to a global pandemic while our nation goes through childbirth-grade contractions as it struggles to reconcile its identity. Not much left to do except drink, watch Netflix, have sex and sleep. Maybe eat. Breathe, perhaps. Bake, apparently. Voting would be nice, too.

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I’ve also had an on-going dilemma about this whole situation as well, wondering if a little more honesty isn’t appropriate? After all, we bared our souls on this show, and asked you to bear yours as well.