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The Guitar Hero Is Dead. Long Live the Guitar Hero.

It has taken me a while to process the death of Eddie Van Halen, and by “process” I don’t mean I’ve been so saddened by this that I can’t form words but more like, this death struck me in a strange way that I couldn’t put words to.

Until now.

So, if you’ll excuse the late eulogy – and if anyone’s still listening – I would like to mourn a death.

The death of the Guitar Hero.

Yacht Rock and Wine on the Pairs With Life Podcast

Yacht Rock Music: (Muskrat) Love At First Listen

Having basically come of age during the era that Yacht Rock was birthed, I have some unique insight to this music. For a 16-year-old in southern California, hell-bent on muscle cars and the pursuit of boobs, Yacht Rock was simply known as pop music – the stuff they played on The Mighty 690 AM station, mega-beamed from a zillion-watt blow torch in Tijuana. It was the stuff you had to listen to when your 8-track player was on the fritz.

The covert art from Flat Jackson's new album

The New Flat Jackson Album Is Now Available

After two years, 659 broken strings, 522 beers, 120 crushing defeats, 121 amazing comebacks, 7 gin and tonics and 5 broken hearts, the new Flat Jackson album, Pretty Up the Truth, is finally out in the wild

On The Road Again

The madness started at age 12. My brother Steve, who was 14 at the time, walked into my room and said, “I want to do this talent show but I need a full band. You have two weeks to learn the mandolin.” So I did. And we won.

Oh Say, Can You Drink?

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Football season is upon us, and I’ve got the NFL Boner of a lifetime. Not like I need another excuse to eat and drink to excess on Sundays, but “hey, I’ll do what I want” and “just shut up” are starting to lose their magic.… Read More »Oh Say, Can You Drink?