Life is Weird

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, standing on some planet. It's very bl;ue everywhere.

My First Tattoo

I left that day firmly resolved that I would never get a tattoo. Because that wasn’t rock. That wasn’t rebellion. It was trying to fit in with everybody else. And from that day forward to now, I have never gotten a tattoo. Until last Tuesday…

biker gang riding to napa

My Neighbor, The Biker: Part 1

Was I judging this guy – who’s obviously a member of my community – simply because of the way he looks? And isn’t that a huge problem with what’s going on in our society today in general? Am I really…that guy? Judge Thy Neighbor Guy? So, I decided to do what everyone does when they face a crisis of conscience: get on Google. And what I found was…unusual.

3 Ways Your Cat Secretly Hates You

3 Signs Your Cat Hates You

Cats are horrible. I should know. I have one. I have been both a Dog Person and a Cat Person at various stages of my life, and currently I’d have to describe myself as an Indentured Cat Person.

The Man Who Died Five Times

The Man Who Died Five Times

Random people talk to me. Specifically, people I’ve never met come up to me at random and confess weird shit about themselves. I have a theory about this now: a theory that goes against pretty much everything I’ve believed up until this point in my life.

Boy Meets Girl

Let me tell you a story. It’s a love story, which is the best kind, and it has this amazing twist to it that I swear you will not see coming. Like all the classic love stories that have been told through the ages, it starts like this:

Parking Lot Purgatory

I’m ringing in the New Year with my very first guest blogger, Steven V. Taylor! Steve’s a musician, writer and record producer, based in Maui. He is currently working on his second novel, a follow-up to the ’90s cult classic  See Ya At The Show,… Read More »Parking Lot Purgatory