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It’s Two Minute Pony Story Time!

My two little Sunshine Princesses, ages five and seven, regaled me in the car last week with tales of the Zombie Apocalypse. Being a Certified Geek myself, I figured this new obsession with the undead was my doing; that somehow they’d heard me talking about it in the context of my first novel, or while geeking out with friends. That said, knowing that it takes very little to inspire a child’s nightmare, I try to be cognizant of the things that would freak out my kids, and the consumption of human flesh to the point of the world ending is at the top of that list.

Smile, Though Your Punt Is Aching

It’s no secret that I want my daughter to become the first sommelier to get certified before the age of ten..though it might be a secret to Child Protective Services, so maybe we should keep this little tidbit under the hat. There’s no doubt she’s got the skills. She single-handedly developed the Unicorn Fart Scale …

Kids, God and The Slutty Path

“Daddy,” my four-year-old asked me, “should I take The Slutty Path?” Its been three years since my Perfect Unicorn Princess asked me this little gem at random, and I still remember the feeling of two full ounces of Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel spraying out my nose when it happened (and thinking the wine tasted the …

My Conversation This Morning With My 3-Year-Old On The Way To Preschool

“Hey Daddy, what’s your favorite farm animal?” “Great question! Hmmm…I’m partial to pigs, myself.” “There are no pigs on the farm.” “Oh, OK. How about chickens?” “There are no chickens on the farm. Daddy, are there ghosts on the farm?” “Um, you mean ‘goats?’ Sure, there are goats on the farm.” “There are ghosts on …

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