Pairs with life book cover

Pairs With Life: The Sequel

And that’s what’s really at the heart of this decision: I can’t shake this story or these characters. It’s what I always come back to. So, I think this is The Universe trying to tell me something: finish this story before you move on to something else. And so I will.

2016 Altocedo Gran Riserva La Consulta Mendoza Malbec

Altocedro Malbec Gran Riserva “La Consulta”

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The 2016 Altocedro Gran Riserva Malbec es muy loco, but in all the good ways. To start, Altocedro harvests from 70-year-old vines from a 107-year-old vineyard. Not unusual, especially for Mendoza malbec. BUT, then they take the harvested Malbec in whole clusters and barrel co-ferment with 4% Semillon in French oak.

3 Ways Your Cat Secretly Hates You

3 Signs Your Cat Secretly Hates You

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Cats are horrible. I should know. I have one. I have been both a Dog Person and a Cat Person at various stages of my life, and currently I’d have to describe myself as an Indentured Cat Person.