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Pairs With Life is more than a podcast about what we drink: it’s a series of candid, funny and insightful conversations about why we drink. Writer, musician and wine expert John Taylor, along with Napa insider and lifestyle brand guru Christine Trice, focus on stories of life, love, parenting, adulting and sex…and the wines that pair with all of it.

With new episodes each Monday and Thursday, John and Christine bring you commentary and perspective along with experts in the world of relationships, parenting, entertainment and of course, wine. 

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Episode 29

Pairs Wit Aiken Pinot Noir and Grown-Up Shenanigans

June 24, 2019

No doubt about it, grown-ups need to get crazy, too. Just because you've got a few kids and a dozen other responsibilities doesn't mean you're already dead. In fact, the more steam you've got, the more you need to blow it off. In this episode, Christine personifies this truth with the story of her recent shenanigans at Auction Napa Valley with Joel Aiken, creator of the delicious 2013 Sonoma Mountain Sonoma County Pinot Noir we're drinking. Let's just say it involves a late night, too much wine, garden decorations, compromising photos and the authorities...

Episode 28

Pairs With Bianconello and Dating Prequalifiers

June 12th, 2019

So you've met someone new and it's time for that exciting, revealing, mysterious first date! But is it really that mysterious, or did you already vet this candidate more thoroughly than an FBI background check? As kids and jobs and life monopolize our time, our likely MO is to prescreen our dates before hopping in that Uber. But does a pre-cocktail DNA test and credit check take all the romance out of a date, or does it help guarantee the spark will be there?

JT and Christine day-drink a bottle of the 2016 Nello Olivo Bianconello White Wine Blend and discuss the pros and cons of knowing your date before you date, and how it just might increase the odds of a Home Run...

Episode 27

Pairs With The Maren Conrad Story

June 6th, 2019

In this special episode, Christine interviews Maren Conrad, whose personal story is one of simultaneous tragedy and redemption. Conrad, a fine artist and muralist of worldwide recognition, talks about how she developed her mission to create beauty in spaces where she used to be afraid to walk, and how that mission is a metaphor to her incredible life story. 

Episode 26

Pairs With Chateau Davell Zinfandel and Marital Bliss Through Living Separately

May 26, 2019

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. So does that mean that living apart makes relationships successful? With a tasty bottle of Chateau Davell Zinfandel in hand, we explore the idea that getting married doesn't always mean living together. Whether it's small idiosyncrasies that drive you crazy, or just the need for more alone time, more and more couples are finding that the key to a happy relationship doesn't also start a U-Haul filled with your partner's shit.

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